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Phone: 270-282-1474

Antiqua Moore, CLC

Life Change Specialist

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The Time Management/Career Coach

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I am a Certified Life Coach who works with brave, determined, career seeking women who are ready to manage their time and create an amazing future.

"Time Lost is Time Never Found Again."

                                       ~Benjamin Franklin

"Either Run the Day or the Day Runs You."
                                                                    ~Jim Rohn


Are you.....

Would you like to.....

Multi-ethnic mommies sitting with children. Young mothers with babies sitting on sofa and
  • Struggling to get those college courses started while feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job?

  • Feeling depressed, anxious, fearful, overwhelmed and exhausted in your current routine?

  • Lacking the discipline you need to accomplish day to day tasks?

  • Constantly running late?

  • Missing important deadlines and appointments?

  • Struggling to balance work, home and college?

  • Create a routine which will allow you to successfully complete your required daily tasks?

  • Experience more joy and smoother days with more time for self- care and boosted self-confidence?

  • Find an exciting career which suits your  personality or reconnect with you current career?

  • Wake up each day with the motivation to live a healthy happy life and make informed decision?

  • Finally enroll in those college courses that you've been dreaming about taking?

Antiqua Moore, CLC
Life Change Specialist


"An investment in self-development pays the highest dividends."

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Bowling Green, KY, USA

Phone: 1-270-282-1474

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