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Career Coaching

As your Life Change Specialist, I will guide you through the "Life Purpose Process" using the  "7-Step Model For Change" developed by the Life Purpose Institute  1984. This process has been used on over a million people world wide just like you. This is an excellent model designed to help you find a career that's inline with your values. Please see steps for "7-Step Model For Change" listed below. I can help you find an amazing career. 

7-Step Model For Change

  • Self-Exploration Process

  • Overcoming Blocks and Obstacles to Success

  • Option and Choices

  • Research or Testing Out

  • Strategic Plan

  • Making and Sustaining Change 

  • Mastering Skills












Time Management Coaching

Time is one of our most precious assets. We all have the same number of hours in a day so why is it that some people seem to get more done than you? I can't answer that question as to why they do but I can assure you that you have the power to reach your daily, monthly and yearly goals.


With the right time management skills, you can immediately start to see results in your daily life. We will work together to better understand your need and desires. From there, we will begin  to create a plan of action that will propel you towards the life you desire. You have the keys now let me help you get it all out of your head, sort it out and lay out the picture you imagine.  I've created the model below "Focused Time Management Model" designed to help you get clear and focused on how to manage your time effectively.

Focused Time Management Model

  • Self Reflection

  • Time Audit

  • Planning

  • Prioritizing

  • Blocks and Obstacles

  • Setting intentions 

  • Implementing

Pocket Watch

Why work with a Time Management/Career Coach?

  • Receive one on one coaching sessions which focuses on you and your unique struggle with managing your time.

  • Find your perfect career or ways to enhance your current career. 

  • Work with someone who believes in you and holds you accountable. 

  • Design a road map to your future with a clear vision and enthusiasm. 

  • Learn to budget your time to be able to spend time with those who miss you.

  • Overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed with your current routine by gaining control over your time and life. 

Benefits of working with Change Focused...

My most valuable technique is holding my client accountable.

See below clients results...

  • Through a series of time management exercises, worked with a client to create a routine that supported her goals. She was able to stay consistent with her daily routine which varied from day to day. Her new discipline enabled her to graduate college all while raising kids and working a job to support her family!

  • Help divorced mother of two get clear on her goals for the future of her  family. Through a series of sessions, she was able to get the confidence she  needed to get started on her new life!

  • Walked client through a self exploration process which helped her to realize that her current career was sufficient thereby decreasing her anxiety and allowing to fully embrace her current workplace!

  • Worked with client to  create a daily routine which supported her to not only complete her first full semester in college but also start her own at home business! She now has the tools she needs for success!

  • Through self exploration, helped client to realize that she was not only stagnant, resentful and fearful in some areas of her but was also self sobatogging. We worked through some blocks and obstacles which allowed her to understand her harmful behaviors and come up solutions to move forward!

  • Client was unhappy with her current career and physical environment. After working through some emotional blocks and creating a timeline, I helped client to create a concise plan of action which enabled her to not only get the courage to find a more suitable career but also find and move into her dream home!

Schedule Your Free Breakthrough Session!

"My Time"

  • 8 week program $900 in full or $525 per month for 2 months (8 sessions 1 hour each) 

Location is not an issue, so no matter what city, state or country you live in coaching sessions are offered:

  • Over the phone

  • Via Zoom

​Antiqua Eubanks is a Certified Life Coach (C.L.C.). She is certified to provide The Life Purpose Institute Coaching Process© (also called the Life Purpose Process), which was created by the Life Purpose Institute. This process has been successfully utilized since 1984 with over one million people worldwide.

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