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In my early twenties, I found myself the single mother of two working a full time night shift job and going to college full-time!  I would get off work at 7am head off to school thirty-five minutes away in the next city. I would get home with a couple of hours to spare before the kids got off the bus from school.


I would take this time to do my homework and prepare for the next day. Once the kids got home, I would help them with their homework, spend some time with them, cook, get them ready for bed and start all over the next day. This also included all the doctor’s appts., school meetings for kids, activities and being present in their lives. I knew the next few years would be very challenging, but I also knew I had to make it work.

 In the beginning I felt overwhelmed, I seemed to always run out of time, I was stressed, I was anxious and scared. I had to refocus and find a way to handle it all. Therefore, I set a schedule and stuck with it. Days were long, some good, some bad but I found a way to enjoy the journey without the guilt and overwhelming sense of being swallowed up by it all. I had to find ways to cope.






I did just that by taking advantage of the time that I had for vacations, fun with my children and family. I asked for help when needed and planned my days the best I could while embracing the journey that I was on. This was my life and I was determined to make it work. I cried, I laughed, I screamed, I wondered why I chose this for myself at times. I was super tired sometimes, super excited sometimes, but I accepted it all.


Fast forward, five years later I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Management. I became so much stronger from my journey. Fifteen years after graduating college, I was ready for my next journey. Life Coaching! When deciding how I was going to help my clients create  balance within work and in their personal life, I reflected on my experiences of juggling it all.
















I compiled a list of what worked for me and what was challenging. Also, through my coaching with clients who were struggling with work/life balance, I observed what worked for them and documented common scenarios and compiled data to design a plan that will get you on track to conquer your work and personal life. From my research I created “ "The Work/Life Balance Module”.

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My purpose is to help single moms find the focus they need to harmonize their work, career and personal life to drive towards their ideal future. You deserve it!

Ready, Set, Let's Go!



​Antiqua Eubanks is a Certified Life Coach (C.L.C.). She is certified to provide The Life Purpose Institute Coaching Process© (also called the Life Purpose Process), which was created by the Life Purpose Institute. This process has been successfully utilized since 1984 with over one million people worldwide.

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