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My Journey!

They say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Must say that I've survived enough of life's events to say that I believe this to be a true statement. One thing I know for sure, life is a journey and each walk through the fire makes us more equipped to handle what's next.

I've celebrated making it out on the other side a lot of times. A lot of what I've been through has been by choice and a lot of it by force. Either way I'm here and survived, so that is worth celebrating without regrets. Having two children very young and being on my own since I can remember has definitely taught me not to use the "F" word...(Fair).

Though these were trying times with lots of struggle and tears...I've learned no one owes me anything and anything can be accomplished on my own strength if I don't give up. Short cuts are not an option and neither is cheating myself. With that I say, own your journey..use it to strengthen you and wait for no one to get you there.

Much love... Comment what has your journey taught you?

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