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The Power of Saying No!

The power of saying NO! We may not realize we're doing it. We re- actively so yes way too often. With family, friends, co-workers and anyone else who we may interact with on a daily basis, we find ourselves saying yes to things we really don't want to do and even worse, things we don't have the time do. So what happens as a result, we end up with other people's stuff on our plate.

Time is a precious asset and shouldn't be taken for granted. When someone is asking you to add something to your plate, they are asking for a piece of your life!

So ask yourself, how many times are you giving away pieces of your life for people who are capable of doing for themselves, who are lazy, who feel entitled, who doesn't respect your time or people who take advantage of you because they know you won't say NO?

Being a Work/Life Balance Coach, I understand how precious time is to maintaining as much balance in your life as possible. Below is a list of benefits to saying NO!

•More time to complete your own tasks

•More time for self-care

•Avoid feeling resentful because you said yes

•You set healthy boundaries

•You stop people from taking advantage of you

•You respect your own time

•You understand you are not

responsible for other people's problems.

Stay tuned as I will be posting tactful ways to say NO.

Book your free breakthrough session with me to understand how focusing on balance in your life can change the game for you!

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