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Work Place Stress and the Effects on Employees!




Workplace stress is on the rise. According to an article published in Forbes, this trend is not getting any better and is up 20% over the past three decades ! According to the article, in most cases, 35% of employees cited their boss as the #1 cause for workplace stress. How managers handle stress understandably trickles down to subordinates. This in turn starts a toxic relationship between boss and subordinate.  Can work be stressful, absolutely. But it doesn't have to be made worse by the boss.


















While this situation undoubtedly has an effect on both parties involved, the subordinate usually suffers effects the most.  Why, because the subordinate most times, feels helpless to express their feelings surrounding the relationship to the boss, therefore carrying around resentment towards the boss that continues to build.  The employee then feels the need to vent to other employees distracting them from their work. What are the effects on the company?

  • Poor employee moral

  • Decreased employee productivity

  • Health issues to employees increasing costs of medical insurance

  • Missed work from employee

  • Poor attitude spread around the workplace

  • Increased employee turnover 

  • Poor reputation of the company as a place to work


Moral is essential to employee retention and the direct report is often one who can influence this tremendously. There is a common need to escape work to get away from a stressful boss. This boss then becomes the topic of conversation around the dinner table disrupting  home life! As a result, work and life imbalance is now chronic. 

  • 76% of respondents said workplace stress "had a negative impact on their personal relationships"

  • 66% have lost sleep due to work-related stress

  • 16% have quit jobs because stress became too overwhelming.

So What's the Soluton?

Manager Training On Employee Moral!

Undoubtedly organizational restructure is almost inevitable  in any organization. During this process, there is  no doubt that employees are whispering among themselves about which manager they hope they don't land under. Why, because they have heard the horror stories about the management style of certain managers. They are already feeling the anxiety of impending change. Employees perform better and are more healthy working under a boss who supports them.  Ever wonder why some employees thrive in your company while other merely survive? It's about the management style. Some areas seem to be like working for a totally different company. How involved are you managers. 

I have developed a process that is designed to improve the relationships for management and subordinates.  A standard way of treating employees should be at the forefront of your company. 


A common phrase now trending on social media is:

"Employees don't leave company's, they leave bad bosses"

Working Together
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