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Hey, my name is Margaret Meeds and prior to 2018, I was a woman headed towards severe obesity and long-term self-loathing. I sat next to Antiqua for a year and a half. Every day I would observe her healthy eating habits, positive attitude, and hear her talking about her weekly

exercise routine. I kept telling myself that I needed to start losing weight; but I was discouraged

by the fear of failure and unwillingness to commit to changing my habits.

Towards the end of last year, I became very sluggish, depressed, and thoroughly hated the way I

looked and felt. I had reached a point (at 26 years old) that getting up and down off the floor to

play with my 3-year-old daughter was tiring and painful. I knew I had to change to be the best

mom I can be for her. Thus, at the beginning of 2018, I committed to begin my lifestyle change.

It was very important that I committed to not only eat healthy, begin exercising, or have a

productive/supportive mindset but truly to change all of these elements of my life.

Each day on this journey, Antiqua has been very supportive. I’ve been able to lean on her for

advice, knowledge, and encouragement. She honestly takes the time to listen to my struggles

and achievements. With her support, I have lost over 30lbs! My journey is not over yet! With a

foundation of tips, tricks, and motivation, I will lose at least 30 more pounds by the end of the

year and I will continue to improve/maintain my health for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Sensi! 

Margaret Meeds (July 5, 2018)


I was going through several life altering changes this past year and I made a positive decision to seek out a motivating life coach such as Antiqua Eubanks. She has been a great mentor and motivator to me the past couple of months, and I only have positive things to say about her and her service. 

My life has made dramatic changes and I am pursuing my dreams and goals in full force! I have to confidence and determination to succeed due to the coaching and motivating provided by Antiqua.  She has helped me see that while I could let my trials consume me, I am stronger and will thrive instead.  

I want to thank Antiqua to being such a great support system and friend. I would recommend her to everyone who wants to achieve the quality of life they're striving for. Antiqua will help you realize that you have everything you need to take control of your life and go after your aspirations.



I consider myself a person who mostly has it together. Can life coaching help me? The answer is YES! Change Focused Life Coaching truly helped me identify some key issues that were causing unnecessary stress in my life.


We worked through some of the underlying beliefs and developed more positive ways to frame my thinking regarding the issue as well as specific action plans to resolve them.


Even though I consider myself an organized person with strong motivation, there were several issues that we worked through that have brought greater peace to my life. Change your perspective (look at the situation from the root cause). Change your plan (stop doing the same thing that doesn't work, over and over). You can change your life!




Working with Coach Eubanks allowed me to acknowledge mental road blocks and set goals and create steps to accomplish them. Before working with Coach Eubanks I felt scattered brain and as if I were walking in circles. After working with her I felt guided with clear direction on moving forward.   


Prior to meeting Coach Eubanks, I was a determined woman with a plan, but had the slightest clue of how make it happen. Making an effort to balance motherhood, school, work, dream chasing, and random curve balls that life threw, there were many times I felt burnt out and defeated. Though experiencing the challenges, my inner being would not allow me to quit. I took a moment to reflect on my situation and was able to be honest enough with myself to acknowledge that I needed help.


I was introduced to Coach Eubanks at a bible study put together by friends and Coach Eubanks was the guest speaker. The moment she began her lesson I was instantly drawn to her aura. Shortly following our initial encounter I reached out to Coach Eubanks to seek her services with Change Focused, which was a great decision.


Working with and utilizing the services provided by Coach Eubanks with Change Focused has played a huge part of my life's transition. These services are highly recommended.


Hello everyone...I want to give thanks to God for using Antiqua Eubanks to encourage me to push forward with my dreams and desires. I had the privilege to be in her vision board class and it was so inspirational.


It caused me to push and move forward with my first book being published and my second book being halfway completed. It also inspired me to complete my doctorate, which I just did!!!!


Thank you Antiqua for your many gifts to God’s people.  You are a gift to me and a I am grateful for your encouragement and motivation to my life!!!!! Love you!!!!!




Antiqua has been a pleasure to work with over the course of our coaching sessions. She helped me gain clarity and insight into what I wanted to achieve, then showed me how to break the process down into action steps that would allow me to measure my progress and achieve success. 


Throughout the experience Antiqua was a calm and soothing presence. She helped me realize that the goals that I set for myself were achievable with the right attitude and hard work. I took her suggestions to heart and made valuable changes in my life. I’m already well on my way to achieving one of the goals I set for myself that I never thought I would achieve!


I can’t say enough good things about working with Antiqua. I definitely highly recommend her services!

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